Travel funding request – Application for travel funding from advisor, department, college and/or graduate school.

Record of Comprehensive Exams-  Form used at oral exam for your committee to sign off- both written and oral exams.

Appointment of Dean’s Representative to Guidance Committee- Form used to appoint a Dean’s member as your outside reader.  This form must be deposited with your dissertation in final format 3 weeks before the date of the oral defense and examination.
If you already have a committee member outside the department, then you can enter this person’s name in “Section B” and you would only need to supply a copy of the title page and abstract with the form to the Dean’s office.

Changes to Doctoral Guidance Committee - Used to show changes to guidance committee or coursework.

GradPlan Abbreviated Student User Guide – User guide explaining what GradPlan is and how it works.

GradPlan Cheat Sheet – Take this form to your first guidance committee meeting. It will help when you have to input all the information into GradPlan.