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Bonnie Leman
Q: What is a quilt for?
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Virginia Avery
Q: Jinny's First Quilt?
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Joyce Gross
Q: Earliest Quilting Memories?
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Quilt Treasures

Documenting the 20th Century American Quilt Revival

Portraits LogoThe Quilt Treasures Project is documenting the stories of a limited number of notable individuals - quilt makers, designers, business people, collectors, scholars, publishers - who were instrumental in moving the 20th century quilt revival forward in some significant way. Quilt Treasures seeks to make this documentation available in a variety of media: digitally on the web through web portraits and mini-documentaries and in archival form in a museum repository. The immediate priority of Quilt Treasures is to conduct video and audio-taped interviews with as many of these individuals and to complete as many web portraits and minidocumentaries as possible. The project is a collaboration of the Alliance for American Quilts, the Michigan State University Museum, and MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences OnLine.

The first Quilt Treasures web portrait featured Bonnie Leman, founder of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

"Bonnie Leman is considered by many to be the 'mother' of the quilting renaissance of the last quarter of the 20th century...and I would certainly be one of the many! Without Bonnie and Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, could the interest in quilting have become so widespread in so little time? Not in my opinion! Had Bonnie lacked the vision and the courage to expand the little black and white mimeographp?ed newsletter to a regular magazine, and later to a 4-color magazine, would there be as many beautiful quilts made today? Not in my opinion! Had she not created the magazine and expanded it into a high quality publication that people all over the world eagerly await every month, would there now be quilters in almost every country in the world, from Singapore to Saudi Arabia, from Iceland to South Africa? Not in my opinion! Quilters everywhere owe an enormous debt of gratitude to this delightful, unassuming lady from Colorado. I am honored to be able to say she is my treasured friend." -- Karey Bresenhan, 8/21/02