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Quilt Alliance is dedicated to making high quality quilt research and information available to everyone. As part of that effort, The Alliance is working with scholars, curators, filmmakers, collectors, and institutions to provide online access to important contributions to quilt study. Our Special Features pages present a variety of resources that we believe significantly enhance understanding of the quilt's central place in American history, art, and society.

the quilts of Gee's Bend The Quilts of Gee's Bend
The Quilts of Gee's Bend film takes you inside the isolated African-American community of Gee's Bend, Alabama, and introduces you to a remarkable group of quiltmakers whose work is taking the museum world by storm. You will see the women quilting together, and hear them singing gospel songs and talking about what quiltmaking means to them. What they say cuts to the heart of what quilts are all about-family, community, beauty, creativity, and artistic expression.

The Alliance is grateful to the Tinwood Alliance, organizers of the Gee's Bend exhibition, for giving us exclusive use of their video on the Web.

Films by Pat Ferrero
Pat Ferrero's two classic quilt films, made in the 1980s, are still relevant today, and should be seen by everyone who cares about quilts.

Hearts and Hands: The Influence of Women & Quilts on American Society Hearts and Hands is a powerful social history of 19th century women and quilts. This film describes the roles women and quilts played in the great movements and events of the 19th-century-from the Civil War and the abolition of slavery to Temperance and Suffrage.

quilts in womens lives Quilts in Women's Lives. Seven women, including a California Mennonite, a Bulgarian immigrant, and an African-American from Mississippi, share their art and lives.

We thank Pat Ferrero for sharing clips from her award-winning films, and BERNINA® of America for sponsoring this presentation of Quilts in Women's Lives.