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Quilt Query / FAQ

Quilt Query provides expert answers to frequently-asked questions about quilts. The page combines our Quilt Query FAQ with questions from our Quilt Query Archive.

If you have any quilt related questions that you would like to submit, that have not been covered by the experts below, please contact us.

Appraising / Value

"How can I find out more about my quilt (date, pattern, etc.)?"

"What are some tips on dating a quilt?"

"What is my quilt worth?"

"What makes a quilt valuable?"

"Where can I get my quilt appraised?"

Care and Cleaning

"What is the best way to take care of a vintage quilt? "

"How do I clean my soiled quilt?"

"How do I get urine stains out of a 50 year old quilt?"

"How can I find out more about becoming a quilt restorer? "

"My grandmother's 1940's quilt top used newspaper as the foundation. Any advice on handling and possibly finishing this fragile piece? "


"Do you know how we could commission a quilt? "

Display and Storage

"How should I hang my quilt? "

"How do I store my quilts? "


"Where can I find a traveling quilt exhibition for children? "


"How do we start a quilt guild?"


"Can you recommend a book on quilt judging? "


"Making an authentic 1840-65 quilt. "

"Can you give me any info on symbology used in Baltimore Album quilts? "

"Could you provide a diagram and instructions to make an early American Quilt frame? "

"How can I find more information on a quilt that I inherited? It is marked U.S. Department of Agricultural College of Manhattan Kansas 1885. "

"What quilt colors and patterns would accurately reproduce a pre-1840 quilt? "

"Does a quilt with swastikas pre-date WWII?"

"Do you know anything about a good-samaritan quilt group called the Ena Quilt Society? "

"My mother was the author of Aunt Kate's Quilting Bee. I just wanted to share some memories with you. "


"Can you help me find a "Chicken Quilt" pattern? "

"What quilt type represented family history? "

"What pattern is my quilt with small, rounded pieces, gathered and connected?"

"Our library has a patron looking for African-American representation in historical quilts.  Can you help us find them? "

"What style is my quilt with muslin folded over colored squares? "

"When was my Home Needlecraft Creations quilt kit sold? "

"What is the value of my recently acquired patterns and books from the 1930's? "

"Can you help me find the pattern called 'Night and Day' by Nancy Cabot? "

"How can I find out more about an award my great-aunt's quilt won? "

"When was the Double Wedding Ring pattern started, and was there any sentimental meaning to it? "

Quaker Quilts

"Where can I see Quaker quilts in Philadelphia? "


"How should I store treasured quilt memorabilia? "

"Can you help my friend find the value of her 1840 quilt by Fanny Otis? "

"Can you help me find a quilt that was shown in the Virginia Quilt project? "

"How can I find out more about Evelyn Brown? "

"Can you suggest resources on global cultures and quilting? "

"Can you help me find my mother-in-law's contest quilt? "

"Can you help me research my 1888 quilt? "

"Can you give me information about quilt history? "


"What is the best way to treat a crazy quilt that has worn areas and shattered silks? "

"Is it OK to quilt an old pieced top? "


"How can I machine-quilt a king size quilt without gathering fabric in the back? "

"How can I make a quilt from old handkerchiefs? "