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Memory Quilt —"Star Memory Quilt"

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The Memory Quilt is a place for individuals and groups to honor the special people who have touched their lives and taught them to love quilts. The Memory Quilt project was inspired by Alliance Board member Meg Cox's desire for a memorial tribute to her mother Jo Cox, a passionate quiltmaker who passed on the art to her daughter. Here's your chance to honor that special person in your life and support the preservation, documentation and sharing of quilt history!

Memory Star Quilts Karen Musgrave Jo Cox Marlene Picha Judith DeSiro Kitty Cat Ma and Aunt Rita Peggy Click Taylor Sherie Hildreth Melanie Normann  Joyce Jensen Linda Thornton

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Whether you want to honor someone living or create a memorial tribute, Quilt Alliance has created two places to showcase your special person. When you donate to the Star Memory Quilt project, a photograph of your special person will be permanently inserted into a block of our virtual quilt. A link will take visitors to your description of the impact this person has had on your life and your love of quilts. We will create an e-mail announcement so you can easily share your tribute with friends and family.

COST (all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law)
Donations to Star Memory Quilt- $200
Alliance members get $100 off. Not a member, join us!

Click here to download the Star Memory Quilt form in Word format.

Click here to download the Star Memory Quilt form in PDF format.