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Put a Roof Over Our Head Contest Gallery

The Put a Roof Over Our Head contest/ auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

Bernina of America and The Electric Quilt Company

1. "Cover Us"
Yvonne Porcella

2. "Toolman"
Yvonne Porcella

3. "Red Hearts in a New Home"
Yvonne Porcella

4. "Our House"
Keti Kasrashvili, Irina Lavrinenko, Nino Chargeishvili

5. "Wings of Love"
Karen Musgrave

6. "Icon-Domestic Goddess"
Pamela Allen

7. "Welcome Home! "
Diana Ramsay

8. "Welcome to Asheville"
Diana Ramsay

9. "Welcome to Buncombe County"
Diana Ramsay

10. "Under One Roof"
Yvonne Porcella

11. "A is for..." (Alliance in Asheville)
Yvonne Porcella

12. "Carolina Canopy"
Nanette Fleischman

13. "House of Man"
Beth Ann St. George

14. "Love Nest"
Karen Loprete

15. "A Web is Home for a Spider"
Terry Pottmeyer

16. "A House is Home for Me"
Terry Pottmeyer

17. "A Crow Builds Its Home in a Tree"
Terry Pottmeyer

18. "A Slug Feels at Home in the Garden"
Terry Pottmeyer

19. "Carolina Sunrise"
Robin Brooks

20. "True is True"
Therese May

21. "The Swallows of San Juan"
Karen Bennick

22. "One Darn Thing After Another"
Karen Bennick

23. "Whole-Cloth House"
Andi Perejda

24. "Moon over Miami, Shine on My Love and Me"
Dodie Weinstein

25. "Everyone Needs a Roof Over Their Head"
Dort Lee

26. "Playing with the Quilt Muse"
Karen Griska

27. "Mountain Homecoming"
Diane Davis

28. "A House Divided"
Scott Murkin

29. "Carmisha's House"
Jenny Williams

30. "Day Break at the Beach"
Jan Patterson

31. "Military Road Spring"
Susanne McCoy

32. "View from the Porch"
Leah Day

33. "A Shelter for Our Heritage"
Fran Kordek

34. "At Home in the Mountains"
Ann Holmes

35. "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"
Pauline Salzman

36. "Millie"
Tara Smith

37. "Welcome"
Susie Krage

38. "Off The Top of My Head"
Valli Schiller

39. "Mountain Cabin"
Rita Williams

40. "Heads It Is"
Joanie Harrison

41. "Fun House"
Naomi Adams

42. "Abode, 2006"
Pamela Morris

43. "Art: A Heady Experience"
Jeri Pollock

44. "Whitewater View"
Rebecca Barr

45. "Making a Home"
Marijo Simpson

46. "Altogether Now"
Marty Young

47. "Home Tweet Home"
Sheila Rauen

48. "The Quilter"
Sheila Rauen

49. "House Among the Flowers"
Janet Jones Worley

50. "Home at Last"
Sherry Boram

51. "Open the Door"
Christine Jean

52. "Set Down Roots in Asheville and the Sky's the Limit for Growth"
Patsy Thompson

53. "Happy is the House that Shelters Friends"
Terri Haugen

54. "Welcome-Bienvenido"
Amy Hope Moore

55. "Teahouse"
Kimberley Dills

56. "Home is Where"
Marie Marcella

57. "One Crazy World"
Ellen Levine

58. "Diversity Under One Roof"
Ellen Levine

59. "Primrose Lane"
Betty Lou Cassidy

60. "House of Mom"
Julie Stiller

61. "The Fish House"
Chris Pascuzzi

62. "McKim's Honeymoon Cottage"
Merikay Waldvogel

63. "Casa del Sol"
Maude Haeger

64. "Let Your House Be A Home"
Linda McComb

65. "House of Enduring Love"
Niki Bonnett

66. "House of Character"
Niki Bonnett

67. "The Gingerbread House Gets A New Roof"
Shandra Belknap

68. "House of Spirits"
Susan Kaufman

69. "Amish Barn Raised"
Janice Wass

70. "Homage"
Sylvia Weir

71. "Cat House"
Mary Lou Weidman

72. "Contest Quilt"
Klara Schafler

73. "Tree House"
Del Thomas

74. "Pretty Girl in the Greenhouse, Thinking She's a Jungle Cat"
Allison Brown-Cestero