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New from Old Contest Gallery

The 2010 New from Old contest and auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

And the winners are...(click here to find out)

The 2010 "New from Old" contest is sponsored by Handi Quilter, Moda Fabrics, EZ Quilting, Simplicity Creative Group, Fons & Porter, Quilters Club of America, June Tailor, Quilting Arts, The Electric Quilt Company, The Quilt Show.com, Kreinik, Dharma Trading Company, Riversilks, C&T Publishing, Spoonflower, Quilters Newsletter, Darlene Zimmerman, Bust Magazine and Vintage Revisited.

1. "New Again"
Ida Hanson

2. "Unfadable Glory"
Mary Kay Davis

3. "Midwest Makeover"
Mary Kay Davis

4. "Penny Rug Revisited"
Mary Stori

5. "Granddaughters' Flower Garden "
Allison Ann Aller*

6. "7 of 9"
P.J. Howard

7. "Love is the Heart's Embellishment"
Cindy Ann Briggs

8. "Fanciful Crowns"
Cindy Ann Briggs

9. "Blessings of Plenty be Upon You"
Patricia Hobbs

10. "Fresh Air"
Alice Helms

11. "Hanky Panky"
Ann Bordeau

12. "Tied in Time"
Leeanna Walker

13. "Sunbonnet - Sue Meets Her Modern Counterpart"
Dorothy Day

14. "Label Me"
Ramona Bates

15. "Can't Piece Geese. Can Do A Loose Goose"
Pamela Allen

16. "Whirligig"
Jane Hall

17. "Love Apple or Pomegranate"
Karen Bennick

18. "Memories of Grandma"
Tina McHenry

19. "Windows to the Past"
Tina McHenry

20. "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"
Janneke Van der Ree

21. "Beach Booty"
Aggie Toth

22. "Dresden"
Mary McCarthy

23. "If the Baltimore Ladies Had Batiks"
Marie Johansen

24. "Abby's Garden"
Amy Munson

25. "Peace Piece"
Wendy Reed

26. "World Piece"
Wendy Reed

27. "Shedding New Light on an Old Block"
Lisa Ellis

28. "Scraps from the Past"
Marie Remick

29. "Memories of Big Mama"
Lisa Allen

30. "Redotwo Ten"
Yvonne Porcella*

31. "Bridal Bouquet Bling"
Janice Stone

32. "Dresden Diskette"
Linda Dixon

33. "The Gift of Reading"
Sondra Cone

34. "Heirloom"
Tina Graham

35. "Think Spring, Go Green!"
Mary Kay Davis

36. "Times Roll"
Karla Poggen

37. "The Past Lives On"
Nanette Fleischman

38. "A Favorite Quilt Block Showcased in Blue"
Mary Vesta Pumphrey

39. "Love My Jammies, Love My Tea"
Mary Vesta Pumphrey

40. "Best Friends"
Janet Saulsbury

41. "Fresh as a Daisy"
Janet Saulsbury

42. "Fred was a Tie Salesman and Mabel Really Loved Him - Chapter II"
Mary Beard

43. "Metal Measures"
Jamie Fingal

44. "This World is Not Conclusion"
Ann Holmes

45. "Forgotten Rose"
Jill Le Croissette

46. "June is Bustin' Out All Over"
Diana Ramsay

47. "A Day at the Beach--Oh, How Fashion Has Changed"
Joyce Hughes

48. "Heavenly Swirls"
Dana Lynch

49. "Scrappy Spool Redux"
Kimberly Dolan

50. "Old Meets New"
Fran Kordek

51. "Linked to the Past"
Sandi Goldman

52. "Pieces of the Past: Grandma's Dresses"
Shannon Liu

53. "My New Sues"
Kathy Guardia

54. "Grandma's Garden"
Linda Laird

55. "Sunbonnet Sue Uses Renewable Energy"
Laura Martin

56. "Today's Crazy Quilt"
Peggy Bass

57. "Everything Old is New Again"
Patsy Thompson

58. "Family Suppertime Sixties Style"
Shelley Bazinet

59. "Prayers Cast on Water"
Karimah Abdusamad

60. "A Blooming Button Basket"
Didi Salvatierra

61. "Card Trick Zing"
Annabel Ebersole

62. "A China Sky"
Dana Zurzolo

63. "Mystical Rose"
Barbara Curiel

64. "Thinking of Grandmom"
Mary Espenshade

65. "Seattle Rainy Day"
Judy Eades

66. "Quilting Lessons"
Allison Evans

67. "Floral Flight"
Terry Pottmeyer

68. "Kansas Dugout"
Sylvia Weir

69. "Evolution"
Deborah Holman

70. "Grandmother's Curtains"
Star and Sophia Primm

71. "Whirligig Flower"
Debra Thompson

72. "Felted Dresden"
Bridget Wideman

73. "Generational Geese"
Ellen Hernandez

74. "Juice and Chips: Take Two"
Ellen Hernandez

75. "Two of a Kind"
Donna Starley

76. "I've Got the Blues--But Things are Looking Up"
Sandra Starley

77. "Tangled Lone Star"
Peggy Schroder

78. "Heirlooms"
Shelly Burge

79. "Full Circle"
Dot Collins

80. "On Second Thought"
Susan Flick

81. "On My Grandmother's Wings"
Lisa Lubin

82. "Remember Me"
Sue Rivers

83. "Square Within a Square"
Lorie Leonardi

84. "Tulip Garden"
Jeff Lovin

85. "The Garden"
Betty Pillsbury

86. "Old Seeds / New Ideas"
Eric Sciotto

87. "Ribbon Candy"
Merikay Waldvogel*

88. "Spring Has Sprung"
Peggy Schroder

89. "Taking a Break"
Sheila Rauen

90. "Rays of Hope"
Linda DeTray

91. "Mary Clark's Quilt"
Mary Morgan

92. "Baltimore Redo"
Jayne Davis

93. Sunbonnet Sue Sends "TXT" Messages via Her Cell Phone
Bonnie MacGregor

94. "Bloom Where You're Planted"
Chandrea Kowalski

95. "Nine Patch Revisited"
Leslie Tucker Jenison*

96. "Cow Two Redux"
Kathryn Wagar Wright

97. "Saturday Night on Maple Street"
Sherry Boram

98. "Batiks By the Sea"
Rita Chester

99. "Not My Grandma's Crazy Quilt"
Susi Soler

100. "If Grandma Had Fancies"
Susi Soler

101. "Nine Patch Evolution"
Pat Daniels

102. "May Basket"
Shelly Pagliai

103. "Quilt Reading"
Rachel Clarke

104. "A Tale of Four One-Patches"
Michael Michalski

105. "Child's Play"
Jennifer Rodriguez

106. "Dazzling Diamond"
Bridget Wideman

107. "Memories"
Jacque Chase

108. "ReUse #3"
Eleanor Levie*

109. "Thumbs Up"
Luke Haynes*

110. "Whale Eye"
Luke Haynes*

111. "Literal-Minded"
Meg Cox*

112. "Spring Showers"
Rachel Carbonara

113. "Johanna's Parlor"
Michele Muska*

114. "It's the Dawning of the Age of the Quilt Revival"
Janneken Smucker*

115. "Rose of Sharon Revisited"
Jodie Davis*

116. "Pink Basket 2010"
Mark Lipinski*

117. "Violet Basket 2010"
Mark Lipinski*

118. "Red Lilies"
Frances Holliday Alford