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My Quilts/Our History Contest Gallery

The My Quilts/ Our History contest/ auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

This competition celebrates The Alliance for American Quilts' fifteen-year mission to document, preserve and share our great quilt heritage. Quilts measure 15" x 15" square, and reflect the quiltmaker's personal history. View complete guidelines.

And the winners are...(click here to find out)

Auction #1: Thursday, Oct. 30 - Thursday, Nov. 6 2008
Auction #2: Thursday, Nov. 6 - Thursday, Nov. 13 2008
Auction #3: Thursday, Nov. 13 - Thursday, Nov. 20 2008

Sponsored by Pfaff, Mountain Mist, and The Electric Quilt Company

1. "Four Sided Journey"
Yvonne Porcella

2. "Out of the Block"
Rogene Robbins

3. "Then + Now"
Sonya Lee Barrington

4. "Creation Conversation"
Terry Pottmeyer

5. "Plaids to Polka Dots"
Nanette Fleischman

6. "A Bouquet from Grandmother's Flower Garden"
Mary Pumphrey

7. "A Basket of Quilts"
Mary Pumphrey

8. "Integration"
Carol Larson

9. "Day Lily"
Dorothy Day

10. "Ginkgoes II"
Franki Kohler

11. "Happiness Runs in A Circular Motion"
Marie Johansen

12. "The Home in the Garden (First Place)"
Allison Ann Aller

13. "My Quilt History I"
Diana Ramsay

14. "Memories of My Mother"
Joyce Foley

15. "Evolution II"
Karen Bennick

16. "Spring Blue"
Janet Henshaw

17. "I'm Still Growing"
Karen Loprete

18. "Sweet 15 Cotillion"
Marybeth Stalp

19. "Triple Shoofly"
Bonnie Goolsby

20. "Nancy's History"
Nancy Eisenhauer

21. "Bed of Roses"
Cynthia Herrmann

22. "Feathered Fun"
Scott Murkin

23. "Crown Jewel"
Scott Murkin

24. "Easter"
Sharron Stamper Evans

25. "From My Past To My Future"
Cecelia Leiseroff

26. "Square One"
Sherry Boram

27. "Bright I"
Linda Pumphrey

28. "Hanging Gardens"
Linda Pumphrey

29. "Out For A Run"
Joyce Fisher

30. "Go Blue! "
Vickie Paullus

31. "Fancy Feathers"
Karen Kielmeyer

32. "Joy"
Barbara Grothaus

33. "Folk Art Mini"
Jodi Scaltreto

34. "Black Eyed Susans and Teeny Weeny Vases"
Pamela Allen

35. "Love Never Ends"
Chandrea Kowalski

36. "Toujour Le Nine-Patch"
Cynthia Claycamp

37. "Study in Scraps of Red"
Luke Haynes

38. "Study in Blue & Gold"
Luke Haynes

39. "Meme's Button Box (Third Place)"
Kathryn Wright

40. "Spreading My Wings"
Angie Hodapp

41. "Amish Storm"
Lorna Pumphrey

42. "Gone to the Dogs"
Lorna Pumphrey

43. "Quilting Converges with My Heart"
Dot Collins

44. "Snippet Trails"
Ellen Hernandez

45. "Chintz Bird (Second Place)"
Pat Holly

46. "Auntie's Flower Garden"
Michele Muska

47. "Matrix IV: All Buttoned Up"
Karen Fisher

48. "Like a Fish Out of Water"
Peggy Schroder

49. "Hawaiian Heaven"
Rhianna Landini

50. "Many Happy Quilts"
Karen Griska

51. "Floral Compliment"
Frances Holliday Alford

52. "Red Sampler"
John Flynn

53. "Sea Green Storm"
Kate Flynn Nichols

54. "Sunburst"
Fran Kordek

55. "Get a Dog"
Pauline Salzman

56. "Memories of Mom"
Sheila Rauen

57. "Ohio Stars and Roots "
Meg Cox

58. "Come Together for Peace"
Ann Holmes

59. "Tree of Life"
Betty Lou Cassidy

60. "Quilt History I: Mud Creek Park"
Allison Brown-Cestero

61. "Something to Crow About"
Jeri Pollock

62. "Dancing Complements"
Marie Marcella

63. "Kumasi Spools"
Amy Milne

64. "Ode to Soft Covers for Hard Times"
Merikay Waldvogel

65. "This is Not an Amish Quilt"
Janneken Smucker

66. "Summer's End"
Angie Hodapp

67. "It All Started With a Nine Patch"
Jeanette Thompson