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Inspired By Contest Gallery

Please scroll down this page to see the 2014 Inspired By Contest Quilts!

All of the "Inspired By" contest quilts were donated by their makers, and after a national exhibition tour that included these venues: Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, The City Quilter and the International Quilt Festival, the quilts will be auctioned on eBay.

Click here to see and bid on the current week of quilts on eBay. The auction week for each quilt is also listed at the bottom of the display page for that quilt.

The contest quilts will be auctioned via eBay in three 7-day auction groups. The first auction week starts on Monday, November 10, 2014 and the final week ends on December 1, 2014. All proceeds will support the Alliance and its projects. The bidding for each quilt will start at $60 and each 7-day auction week starts and ends at 9:00 pm Eastern. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or check (notify us immediately after auction if you plan to pay by check).

Click here to download a week-by-week Inspired By Auction Guide. You can also view the auction quilts, grouped by week on the Quilt Alliance Facebook page.

To bid on an “Inspired By” quilt:

1. Click here to view the auction quilts up for bid for that week. Please note: Before and after the auction period the quilts are not viewable (eBay only posts items included in live auctions--no archives or scheduled auctions are viewable).

2. Login to eBay.com and place your bid! Never used eBay before? No problem--here’s an easy: step-by-step guide.

Our annual contest is all about Inspiration this year.

Our mission is to document, preserve and share the stories of (all) quilts and (all) quiltmakers. We encourage everyone who makes quilts to enter our annual contest regardless of their style (traditional, modern, art) or technique (longarm, hand quilting, applique, pieced...) --all are welcomed and valued!

And the winners are...(click here to find out)

Auction #1: Monday, Nov. 10 - Monday, Nov. 17 2014
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 17 - Monday, Nov. 24 2014
Auction #3: Monday, Nov. 24 - Monday, Dec. 1 2014

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       City Quitler          

1. "Modern Mini"
Jodi Scaltreto

2. "Country Home"
Margarita Korioth

3. "The Best"
Yvonne Porcella

4. "OMG Dn't Txt n Wlk"
Ramona Bates

5. "Lighten(ing)"
Audrey Hyvonen

6. "Sixteen Grands and Greats"
Pamela Allen

7. "Typical Dutch"
Janneke Van Der Ree

8. "Elizabeth Meets Jinny"
Sandi Goldman

9. "I'll Follow the Sun."
Mary Kay Davis

10. "Eight Hexagons"
Jen Eskridge

11. "Crazy Log"
Julie Dugas

12. "Mod"
Julie Dugas

13. "Silk"
Julie Dugas

14. "Tucks"
Julie Dugas

15. "Hungarian Medallion"
Allison Aller

16. "A Different Path"
Mandy Munroe

17. "About Time"
Janice Stone

18. "Rip Van Winkle Sunbonnet Sue"
PJ Howard

19. "Inerlocking Chevron"
Diana Ramsay

20. "Listen to Your Mother: The Universal Mother Speaks to Quilters"
Eleanor Levie

21. "Feedsack Quilt"
Ann Bordeau

22. "Renaissance Treasure"
Marilyn Fromherz

23. "Resurrection"
Susanne Miller Jones

24. "Lollipop Garden"
Lisa Ellis

25. "Dahlia"
Leslie Ferrell Kauffmann

26. "Meilleurs Voeux (Best Wishes)"
Christina Strickland

27. "Snowflake Sampler"
Karen Bennick

28. "Zippy Zinnias"
Susan Bleiweiss

29. "Going Dotty, Aunt Sarah!"
Ellen Hernandez

30. "Pineapple Log Cabin Renewed"
Jane Hall

31. "Spring's Beauty"
Joan Emerson

32. "French Country"
Renee Pasquale

33. "Whirlwind"
Mary Puckett

34. "Octagons"
Monica Hayden

35. "Oak Leaf Sky"
Paula Entin

36. "Naupaka Flower"
Alice Helms

37. "Kaffe, Klimt and the Cosmos"
Ellie Flaherty

38. "Like a Bird"
Marisa Marquez

39. "Shoreline Series"
Doreen Prakshot

40. "Streaking North"
Callie Lavoie

41. "Monkey See - Monkey Do"
Phyllis Campbell

42. "Log Cabin Fun"
Nanette Fleischman

43. "Layers of Nine Patch"
Alicia Sterna

44. "Inspired By Pain"
Karen Mowinski

45. "Organic Trees"
Carol Esch

46. "Perils of the Birth Canal"
Karin Miller

47. "News Hounds"
Pauline Salzman

48. "Pink Pineapple"
Anita Karban-Neef

49. "FAN-tasy"
Beth Shibley

50. "Strings I"
Barbara Parsons Cartier

51. "Strings II"
Barbara Parsons Cartier

52. "And Shoes Complete the Ensemble"
Sue Rook Nichols

53. "Granny Loves Her Crazy Flower Garden"
Erin Anheier

54. "Cherish Joy"
Erin Anheier

55. "A Robin's View of CBOT"
Robin Buscemi

56. "Amish Modern"
Jan Harmon

57. "Summer in the Forest"
Sarah Lykins Entsminger

58. "Purple Pansy"
Esther and Elizabeth Muh

59. "Study in Right Triangles"
Esther Muh

60. "[Ego of Pythagora's Theorem] Unveiled"
Esther Muh

61. "ART Quilt"
GiGi Connolly

62. "Sew Peaceful Doves"
Debra Mack

63. "The Darwin Quilt"
Jean Van Bockel

64. "Vintage Garden"
Janet Bergman

65. "Neon Blizzard"
Victoria Findlay Wolfe

66. "What World is This?"
Lori Harrah

67. "Quasi-Stellar Object"
Rita Connolly

68. "May Basket 2014"
Maggi Gordon

69. "Hexad #One"
Margaret Cibulsky

70. "Pathways (We Are Here)"
Amy Anderson

71. "Fractured Light & Water"

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72. "Peace and Calming"
Annie Smith

73. "The Moon and the Sky"
Susan Flick

74. "My Baltimore Album Style"
Amy Munson

75. "Through the Eyes of a Child"
Jennifer June


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Broadway Gentlemen's Quilting Auxiliary:, Christina Cocchiara, Cat Domiano, Michael Michalski, Michele Reisch, Eric Sciotto, Steven Skybell, Melanie Vaughan

77. "Grandmother's Garden Flower"
Kay Koeper Sorensen

78. "Inspire"
JoAnn Hoffman

79. "Yellow Rose in My Mosaic Garden"
Charlotte Noll

80. "Neon Kitty in the Window"
Laurie Russman

81. "Blue Crossing"
Sherri Lipman McCauley

82. "Inside View"
Jean Djirlic

83. "Ashley Selfie with Dr. Pecker"
Rhonda Denney

84. "Summer Garden"
Jennifer Rodriguez

85. "Gazzie's Secret"
Michelle Flamer

86. "Echoing Footsteps of Ancestors"
Susan Buckwalter Henyon

87. "Raw Clams at the Shore"
Deb Hathaway Hunter

88. "Eye Candy"
Veronica Haley

89. "True Love"
Jamie Fingal

90. "[Gifts #22] Like Michael James "
Luke Haynes

91. "Checks and Chinese Balances"
Annedore Neumann

92. "Renee's Country Quilt"
Renee Hynes

93. "Jambalaya"
Frances Holliday Alford

94. "Strings and Bars"
Michele Muska

95. "Split Rail Fence"
Michele Muska