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Home Is Where the Quilt Is Contest Gallery

The 2012 Home Is Where the Quilt Is contest/ auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

And the winners are...(click here to find out)

Auction #1: Monday, Nov. 12 - Monday, Nov. 19 2012
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 19 - Monday, Nov. 26 2012
Auction #3: Monday, Nov. 26 - Monday, Dec. 3 2012
Auction #4: Monday, Dec. 3 - Monday, Dec. 10 2012

The 2012 "Home Is Where the Quilt Is" contest is sponsored by generous AAQ Business Members including: Handi Quilter, Moda Fabrics, EZ Quilting, Simplicity Creative Group, AURIfil, AccuQuilt, Attached Inc./Mistyfuse, The Quilt Show.com, Fons & Porter, Quilters Club of America, Riversilks, Quilt Album Westminster Fibers, FreeSpirit, Rowan, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, and VoiceQuilt.

1. "The Piece Maker's Child"
Patricia Hobbs

2. "My Old Country Home"
Sandra DeCamp

3. "At Home in My Quilt"
Karen Miller

4. "Quilted Neighborhood"
Christine Predd

5. "A Quilt in Every Room (Even the Attic!)"
Leslie Kauffmann

6. "Yipee I'm Free"
Yvonne Porcella

7. "Guard Dog In A Tangerine Tango World"
Yvonne Porcella

8. "Martin House IV"
Doreen Prakshot

9. "Home Tweet Home"
Terri Stegmiller

10. "Quilting Makes My Heart Blossom"
Margarita Korioth

11. "It's All in the Genes"
Pauline Salzman

12. "My Little Yellow House of Quilts"
Joan Emerson

13. "House of the Rising Sons"
Mary Kay Davis, Clayton Alexander Davis

14. "Strawberry Pink Quilt Spirit"
Callie Lavoie

15. "Trouble"
Pauline Salzman

16. "Dog in the Yard"
Ramona Bates

17. "A Patchwork House Makes for a Happy Home"
Brenda Lopez

18. "Home Tweet Home"
Alice Helms

19. "Outta the Park!!!"
Ann Bordeau

20. "Home is Where the Children Play"
Judy Eades

21. "Tree House"
Betty Pillsbury

22. "All Homes Need Quilts"
Gayle Simpson

23. "America's First Home"
Gayle Simpson

24. "Techno Family Breakdown"
Suzanne Havlicek

25. "Quilting in the City House"
Karen Bennick

26. "The Quilt is Where the Cat Is"
Dorothy Day

27. "Diva Cow's Dream Home"
Ellen Flaherty

28. "When Life Gives You Scraps"
JoAnn Hoffman

29. "Beaded Blooms"
Dodie Weinstein

30. "Home . . . Is Always an Open Door"
Joyce Hughes

31. "Quilters Neighborhood"
Susan Bleiweiss

32. "Bringing Home the Quilt"
Nanette Fleischman

33. "Inheritance"
Tara Behrman

34. "The Blue Birds and their Orange House"
Kathy York

35. "Quilty Kiss"
Diana Shore

36. "Cozy Cottage"
Jeannie Moore

37. "Puerta"
Sandi Goldman

38. "Bricks Mortar Fabric Thread"
Amy Munson

39. "Home Sweet Home"
Jan Stone

40. "3rd from the Sun"
P.J. Howard

41. "Welcome Home"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

42. "Sweet Dreams"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

43. "Plan C"
Joy Peters

44. "Kelly Shows Off His New Quilt"
Mary Pumphrey, Lorna Pumphrey

45. "House of Blooms"
Lisa Ellis

46. "The Next Generation Quilter"
Kari Isaacs

47. "Quilted Guardian"
Loree Marquardt

48. "Right Back Where I Started From"
Loree Marquardt

49. "Starry, Starry Night"
Loree Marquardt

50. "Welcome Home"
Phyllis Campbell

51. "Our Home"
Amy Pinkelman

52. "This is My Crazy House"
Cheri Rabourn

53. "Chickadees at Home"
Cynthia St. Charles

54. "Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind"
Julie Bagamary

55. "Night Lights"
Carol Esch

56. "A Quilt Makes A House A Home"
Jan Beckert

57. "Hollands Huis"
Janneke Van Der Ree

58. "My Dream House"
Benyapa Steinmetz

59. "At Home in the Universe in Me"
Laurel Reinhardt

60. "Thru A Picture Window"
Tina McHenry

61. "Blue Ridge Inspiration"
Rose Szabo

62. "A Quilt in Every Room"
Lynda Wolozanski

63. "Toothache"
Joy Peters

64. "Places We Have Called Home"
Mary Henris

65. "Home of a Sewist"
Mary Henris

66. "Home is Where Your Story Begins"
Jamie Fingal

67. "Quilted Mary: Watches Over Those Who Quilt"
Victoria Findlay Wolfe

68. "Thank You Clara Barton"
Ann Holmes

69. "Coffee House"
Eleanor Levie

70. "Mother Mary"
Sonja Karl

71. "Connections"
Jillian Holston

72. "Feline Fantasy"
Linda Erickson

73. "Hanky House"
Denine Guy

74. "Ryokan"
Tracey Brookshier

75. "Invite Us to Your Next Blowout!"
Mike McNamara

76. "Calico's Quilt"
Nita Markos

77. "Punkin Loves Quilts"
Nita Markos

78. "Aladdin Cat"
Nita Markos

79. "Bali On My Mind"
Merikay Waldvogel

80. "Stories"
Sylvia Weir

81. "Only Hearts Can Build A Home"
Ellen Hernandez

82. "A Place to Grow"
Eileen Kane

83. "Om is Where the Quilt Is"
Andrea Murray

84. "A Quilt for Each Home"
Linda L. Soden

85. "Tribute's Final Home"
Kim Gibson

86. "The Land of Oz"
Sondra Millard

87. "Hoodies Owl on Gem Tree"
Hoodie Crescent

88. "The Quilting Bees"
Erin Anheier

89. "A Cat Named Danger"
Erin Anheier

90. "Dream Home"
Heather Valentine

91. "Home Sweet Home"
Susan Cane

92. "Kentucky Quilt Barn"
Kathryn Wagar Wright

93. "My Fairy Bower Home"
Susi Soler

94. "My Crypt at Greenlawn Cemetery"
Susi Soler

95. "House of Flowers"
Linda Laird

96. "Dream Home"
Susan Ovard

97. "All The Chickens Come Home To Roost"
Jayne Davis

98. "Happy Hibernation"
Diane Walins

99. "Keys"
Cindi Jo

100. "At Home In The Rain Forest"
Bette-Anne Sheganoski

101. "Wonderland Through My Menopausal Mind"
Susan Poliquin

102. "Paintball Palace"
Joanne Allen

103. "Butterfly House"
Desiree Habicht

104. "Home Is Where My Heart Soars"
Jennifer Rodriguez

105. "Barn Quilt"
Jenny Williams

106. "Home Tweet Home"
Marietta Vaughn

107. "The Clothesline Quilt"
Laura Jackson

108. "Dream Studio"
Peggy Schroder

109. "Grandma's House"
Peggy Schroder

110. "My Dream Cottage"
Annabel Ebersole

111. "The Spirit Lives Within"
Leonie Hartley-Hoover

112. "Open House"

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113. "Dare to Live Your Dreams"
Lynn Dell Swapp

114. "Real Homes Wear Quilts"
Bozena Wojtaszek

115. "With Love From Me To You"
Annedore Neumann

116. "A Quilter Lives Here"
Lashonne Abel

117. "Africa, My Home"
Mary Kuhlke

118. "Bird House"
Pamela Allen

119. "Washougal Valley View"
Allison Aller

120. "All This for a Pair of Shoes"

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Mark Lipinski,

121. "Boardwalk"
Marie Bostwick