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Crazy for Quilts Contest Gallery

The 2009 Crazy for Quilts contest and auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

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Auction #1: Monday, Oct. 26 - Monday, Nov. 2 2009
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 2 - Monday, Nov. 9 2009
Auction #3: Monday, Nov. 9 - Monday, Nov. 16 2009

The 2009 Crazy for Quilts contest and auction has now ended. The 2010 AAQ quilt contest will be announced by January 1, 2010.

Sponsored by Moda Fabrics, Mountain Mist, Spoonflower, The Electric Quilt Company, EZ Quilting/Simplicity Creative Group, Quilting Arts TV,Dharma Trading Co., Embellishment Village, Kreinik and Riversilks.

1. "Ode to Tamar"
Allison Ann Aller

2. "Quilt Crazy"
Sonya Lee Barrington

3. "Special Occasion: Past and Present"
Mary Marcotte

4. "Still Crazy After All These Years"
Ramona Bates

5. "Garden Lace"
Allison Ann Aller

6. "Crazy Patch"
Fran Kordek

7. "Study in Squares [Ego of a Quilter] (3rd place, Ages 30 and Under)"
Luke Haynes

8. "But I Know Crazy (Second place, Ages 30 and Under)"
Luke Haynes

9. "16 Cowrie Shells"
Marjorie Diggs Freeman

10. "A Modern Romance (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Debra Jo Hardman

11. "Karen's Summertime Bunnies"
Karen Zoback

12. "Crazy about AAQ"
Diana Ramsay

13. "Ooh Sparkly"
Deborah Eve Rubin

14. "Folly Flash"
Yvonne Porcella

15. "Do You Have a Bernina?"
Yvonne Porcella

16. "AAQ" Alliance for American Quilts in a Crazy Style
Yvonne Porcella

17. "Vintage Snowflake"
Linda Schiffer

18. "Broken Spider Web"
Wanda King

19. "Tossed Salad"
Wanda King

20. "It Gets Crazy Every December"
Bonnie MacGregor

21. "Whoooo's There?"
Christie Eckardt

22. "Victorian Rose"
Ruth Ann Mundy

23. "On the Edge of Gold (Honorable Mention Award)"
Ruth Ann Mundy

24. "Elements of a Homestead (3rd place, Ages over 30)"
Patricia Ann Hobbs

25. "Tiled Ties"
Ellen Hernandez

26. "My Garden"
Mary Vesta Pumphrey

27. "Crazy for Pink and Lace"
Mary Vesta Pumphrey

28. "Crazy for Shamrocks"
Lorna Pumphrey

29. "Sentimental Journey"
Barbara McAlpine

30. "Art Nouveau Peonies"
Debra Spincic, Libby Fife

31. "Spring Girls"
Debra Spincic

32. "Texture of My Life"
Patricia Bennett

33. "Blue Spot"
Valerie Anne McGaughey

34. "Crazy for Beads (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Amy Rouleau Munson

35. "Vessels"
Phylis Fitz

36. "Swimming Upstream (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Terry Pottmeyer

37. "My Grandmothers"
Phyllis Jean Miles

38. "Your Love Has Got Me Lookin So Crazy Right Now"
Chandrea Kowalski

39. "Rover (My Husband Wanted a Dog) (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Dorothy Day

40. "Crazy for Feathers"
Dot Collins

41. "Bucolic Scene (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Dorothy Ann Thompson

42. "Natural"
Tomoko Takahashi

43. "Spring"
Hideko Ishida

44. "Crazy for Pink"
Joan Kniffen

45. "A Little Fairy Tale"
Lisa Ann DuCoing

46. "Respite (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Suzanne Porcella Byrd

47. "A Crazy Quilt Colonial Lady"
Valerie Sue Bothell

48. "Creative Chaos (First Place, Ages 30 and Under)"
Kelly Phelps

49. "Old and New"
Karen Bennick

50. "Dragon Crazy (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Karen Bennick

51. "After the Ball (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Marty Trahan

52. "Ciao Bella Limoncello"
Michele Muska

53. "Little Crazy Quilt with Hearts and Fans"
Betty Jean Hoffman

54. "Obama Victory Garden (2nd place, Ages Over 30)"
Michelle Flamer

55. "The Painted Lady"
Betty Lou Cassidy

56. "Mama Says"
Jayne Davis

57. "Color Crazy-(Honorable Mention Winner)"
Bridget Marie Wideman

58. "Crazy for Batiks"
Bridget Marie Wideman

59. "Bees, Buttons, Butterflies and Beads"
Karen Jordan

60. "Crazy for Fabric"
Janneke VanDerRee

61. "Precious in His Sight"
Georjana Mauldin

62. "A Different Perspective"
Beth Shibley

63. "Summertime"
Beth Shibley

64. "Madonna & Child"
Sylvia Weir

65. "Crazy for Green"
Sherry Boram

66. "Crazy Cow Polarity (First place, Ages Over 30)"
Kathryn Wagar Wright

67. "Rose Song"
Betty Pillsbury

68. "Crazy for You"
Peggy Schroder

69. "I Prefer a Featherweight, Don't You?"
Peggy Schroder

70. "A Bit Dotty - - A Crazy Quilt of course (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Sandra Starley

71. "Variegated Craziness"
Vickie Paullus

72. "Crazy Pieces"
Linda Pumphrey

73. "One Crazy Hot Mama"
Pamela Allen

74. "Crazy Quilt Garden - Red"
Maude Haeger

75. "Crazy Quilt Garden - Purple"
Maude Haeger

76. "Crazy Quilt Garden - Pink"
Maude Haeger

77. "Crazy Quilt Garden - Blue"
Maude Haeger

78. "Crazy for Ewes (Honorable Mention Winner)"
Sheila Rauen

79. "Homage to Bling"
Mary Evelynn Sorrell

80. "You Call It Madness But I Call It Love"
Jeri Pollock

81. "Great Aunt Sadie's Rose Garden"
Michele Muska

82. "I'm Crazy for Quilts!"
Jodie Davis

83. "Crazy for Bali"
Linda Pumphrey

84. "Button Crazy"
Linda Pumphrey

85. "Velvet Makes Me Crazy"
Meg Cox