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Please scroll down this page to see the 2015 "Animals We Love" Contest Quilts!

All of the "Animals We Love" contest quilts were donated by their makers and before being auctioned, the quilts went on a national exhibition tour that began at the Utah headquarters of Handi Quilter, Inc, and included stops at American Quilter's Society, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo shows and the International Quilt Festival. The quilts were sold via an online auction in November 2015 and raised $10,878, providing crucial funds to support the operation of projects like Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Thank you to all of the creative and generous artists who donated their work to support the Alliance! And thank you to our bidders, our buyers and our sponsors for helping make this year's contest, exhibition and auction a great success!

And the winners are...(click here to find out)

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1. "All!"
Simone Steuxner

2. "Dog Treats"
Ramona Bates

3. "I haven't been digging."
Jeanelle D. McCall

4. "Just Relaxing"
Jodi Scaltreto

5. "Cats and MIce"
Karen A. Grover

6. "Aviary Knowledge"
Patricia A. Hobbs

7. "Cuddly Koala"
Desley M. Drevins

8. "Smarter Than the Average Bird"
Kristin Shields

9. "Eye See My Beloved"
Maria Ferri Cousins, Syrie Blanco Walsh

10. "Dragonfly"
Nita Markos

11. "Elephant of India"
Nita Markos

12. "Tiger"
Nita Markos

13. "A Warm Furry Friend"
Nita Markos

14. "Oski Loves The Birds"
Yvonne Porcella

15. "Soldiers"
Judith C. Leathers

16. "To Serve and Protect"
Judith C. Leathers

17. "Innocence"
Kathy York

18. "Everyone Loves a Scottie"
Ann M. Bordeau

19. "Darwin--Chowtime"

20. "Mechanicat"
Katherine M. Dossman

21. "Strutting my stuff"
Katherine M. Dossman

22. " Count the Spiders"
Diane M. Shink

23. "Kenya Safari"
Ruth Danner

24. "Melvin's Dragon"
Leslie Ferrell Kauffmann

25. "Sadie"
Alice Helms

26. "Sushi Cat Dreams"
Ellen L. Hernandez

27. "Grandpa T and His Salad"
Cindy Cooksey

28. "Jersey Girls"
Allison Aller

29. "King of Beasts"
Roz Manor

30. "Monkey Love"
Shelley M. Kardon

31. "Fancy Goldfish"
Susan Brubaker Knapp

32. "Love Monkey"
Mary Kay Davis

33. "Its a Dogs Life"
Theresa A. Nielsen

34. "The Song of the Thrush"
Terry Pottmeyer

35. "Mary had a wood duck."
Pamela G. Allen

36. "Butterfly"
Lisa Ellis

37. "Contented"
Susan L. Robbins

38. "An Apple a Day"
Mary Kerr, Sarah Entsminger

39. "My Scruff Muffin"
Marta Amundson

40. "When Raven Dreams"
Stacy Hurt

41. "Genevieve"
Phyllis K. Campbell

42. "Bzzzzzz"
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

43. "Love My Siamese Cats"
Laura Swensen

44. "Olive. Olive you <3"
Lisa B. Filion

45. "Bighorn"
Melanie Marr

46. "Beulah and Irene"
Sue Rook Nichols

47. "How Now Cow"
Jill Kerttula

48. "Sophie"
Sandi Goldman

49. "Bat Love"
Elizabeth F. Pekins

50. "Puppy Dreams"
Kitty Vangunten

51. "Wuppies"
Pauline Salzman

52. "The Butcher, the Baker and the Trouble Maker"
Pauline Salzman

53. "Brown Dog #1"
Pauline Salzman

54. "Who Me????"
Pauline Salzman

55. "I Love Angus, My Scottie Dog"
Dr. Bonnie MacGregor

56. "Swans Matter"
Laurie C. Bay

57. "Black and White and Red All Over Mini"
Susanne M. Jones

58. "Cat Circus"
Mary J. Puckett

59. "Peek-A-Bear"
Mary Kay Davis

60. "Pop, the Guinea"
Doreen L. Prakshot

61. "Four Pets"
Yarelie Josephs

62. "moo"
Esther Muh

63. "Princess Elsa Cat"
Esther Muh

64. "Tea Rex in Specs"
Eleanor Levie

65. "Winter Companion"
Zeeda K. Magnuson

66. "Harry"
Jean Marie Necheles

67. "Toro"
Jennifer Rodriguez

68. "Bluebirds #2"
Cynthia St. Charles

69. "Rainbow Shower"
Jerriann Massey

70. "Focal Point"
Earamichia Brown

71. "Pounce Purrfectly"
Earamichia Brown

72. "Bein' Green Too"
Betsy Vinegrad

73. "My Gecko"
Sherri Lipman McCauley

74. "Giraffe Nocturne"
Nancy S. Brown

75. "The Wonderful World Within the Cat"
Alison J. Ruggiero

76. "Willow"
Sarah Entsminger

77. "Allergic to Cats and Dogs"
Charlotte Noll

78. "NUTS 4 MUTTS"
Jan D. Harmon

79. "OWL"
Jan D. Harmon

80. "Molly's Rainbow Butterfly"
Deborah S. Wheeler

81. "Mister Mal"
MaryEllen Sax

82. "Houndton Abbey"
Mary Anne Griffin

83. "The Animal Heart"
Elaina R. Dooley

84. "Teddy"
Timothy J. Latimer

85. "Teddy 2"
Timothy J. Latimer

86. "Peaceful Protest"
Renee Pasquale

87. "Girlasaurus"
Jamie Fingal

88. "I'll See You Again"
Michelle Flamer

89. "Man’s Best Friend"
Victoria Findlay Wolfe

90. "Wanna Play?"

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe

91. "Matriarch"
Pauline Macaulay

92. "Beloved"
Laurie Russman

93. "The Very Hungry Little Koi"
Laurie Russman