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The Alliances contest/ auction has now ended. The 2013 TWENTY contest auction will take place on eBay November 11-December 9, 2013.

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Auction #1: Monday, Nov. 14 - Monday, Nov. 21 2011
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 21 - Monday, Nov. 28 2011
Auction #3: Monday, Nov. 28 - Monday, Dec. 5 2011
Auction #4: Monday, Dec. 5 - Monday, Dec. 12 2011

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1. "Flower Fairies"
Jodi Scaltreto

2. "Whooters in the Nite"
Brenda Lopez

3. "Yamaha"
Brenda Lopez

4. "Alliances of Pattern and Passion"
Karen Loprete

5. "Alliance: Union or Joining"
Diana Ramsay

6. "Earth Joy"
Margarita Korioth

7. "I Spy an Alliance"
Catherine Labath

8. "Passionate Generations"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

9. "Yang of Passion"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

10. "Yin of Passion"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

11. "New Hands All Around"
Tracey Snyder-Stone

12. "Hand vs. Machine"
Jill Coleman

13. "Chocolate Covered Strawberries"
Linda Mooney

14. "Hi 5"
Yvonne Porcella

15. "Picasso . . . Not Exactly"
Pauline Salzman

16. "Does This Look Like a Garden to You?"
Pamela Allen

17. "Recycle/Repurpose"
Patricia Ann Hobbs

18. "The Bird and the Bees"
Nancy McGlothin

19. "Fat Tuesday Fly-In"
Marie Bostwick

20. "God & Country: An American Tradition"
Serena L. Toppins

21. "Stars Above"
Janice Stone

22. "Observing My Passion"
Karen E. Miller

23. "Touchdown - SEC"
Rachel King Parris

24. "The First Thirteen"
Mary Kay Davis

25. "Giving You Their Full Support"
Mary Kay Davis

26. "Mother Earth's Fiber Connections"
Rose Ann Szabo

27. "Ebony and Ivory"
Bridget Wideman

28. "The ART in Artichoke"
Bridget Wideman

29. "Salute to Ami's Army"
Didi Salvatierra

30. "Kusudama"
Michael Michalski

31. "Who Are You?"
Sandi Goldman

32. "Orange Loves Blue"
Jill Le Croissette

33. "Red Hat Friends"
Lizz Ploppert

34. "Color Our World"
Nanette Fleischman

35. "Are We Safe Yet?"
Joyce Hughes

36. "Three Sisters"
Alice Helms

37. "Color Fusion"
Ann Bordeau

38. "Redwork or You Should Have Seen It In Color"
Ramona Bates

39. "Friendship"
Nita Markos

40. "Let's Go Out and Play"
Nita Markos

41. "Log Cabin to Kandinsky"
Nita Markos

42. "We Are One"
Patricia Healey

43. "Nature's Way"
Christine Predd

44. "Lake Collage"
Ann Loveless

45. "My Friends of Spring"
Norma J. Riehm

46. "Woven in Time"
Ellen Hernandez

47. "Pointy Purple Pinwheel"
Carol Christensen

48. "The Making of a Covenant"
Pauline Salzman

49. "E Pluribus Unum"
Loree Marquardt

50. "We the People"
Loree Marquardt

51. "Ancient Alliance"
Valerie Root

52. "The Patterns Connect"
Rose Ann Szabo

53. "PLAID - Peace Loving Alliance of Imaginative Dabblers"
PJ Howard

54. "Pathways of Opportunity"
Dana Lynch

55. "Flora and Fauna: The Perfect Alliance"
Michele Muska

56. "Alliances: Soil and Sky"
Allison Aller

57. "Favorites of Mine Embroidery and Quilting"
Mary Vesta Pumphrey

58. "Friendly Trio"
Frances Holliday Alford

59. "Friends"
Gina Darlington

60. "Purple Passion"
Lorie Leonardi

61. "Birds of a Feather"
Jan Harmon

62. "It's A Man's World Unless Women Vote!"
Gerry Krueger

63. "As It Was In The Beginning Is Now"
Linda L. Bourgeois

64. "We Are the Quilters"

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Cynthia St. Charles

65. "Love Lies Bleeding"
Deolinda Rhoads

66. "Where The Sky Meets The Sand"
Jennifer Rodriguez

67. "A Mother Never Forgets"
Jennifer Rodriguez

68. "Lincoln's Court House Steps"
Sharon Pinka

69. "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"
Teresa Stoller

70. "Compassion Around the World"
Phyllis Campbell

71. "Five Quilters Growing in Their Passion for Applique"
Bonnie MacGregor

72. "People Need to be Passionate About Our Places"
Doreen Prakshot

73. "One Hand One Heart One People"
Doreen Prakshot

74. "Tahrir Square"
Eleanor Levie

75. "Historical Bikini"
Rebecca Navarro

76. "Give Thanks"
Michelle Fairchild

77. "Split 4 Ways"
Linda Laird

78. "Fiber of Alliance"
Peggy Bass

79. "The Alliance"
Karen Bennick

80. "3 Sisters"
Erin Anheier

81. "Thinking Outside the Box with Passion! I"
Maude Haeger

82. "Thinking Outside the Box with Passion! II"
Maude Haeger

83. "Boys' Night Out"
Deborah Dempsey

84. "My Passion"
Kathy Guardia

85. "Friendship of Flowers"
Debra Thompson

86. "We All Work Together"
Kathleen Brumbaugh

87. "Starfall"
Mary Kerr

88. "Fire & Smoke"
Margaret Hunt

89. "Ribbons"
Anna Tracy

90. "My Lucky Day"
Susi Soler

91. "A Passion for Purrfection"
Sheila Rauen

92. "The Wonder of Joyful Alliances"
Pam Neil

93. "Sunflowers"
Lisa and Mike Ellis

94. "Soul Sisters"
Jamie Fingal

95. "Once Upon a Time"
Janet Saulsbury

96. "Crooked Bricks"
Teresa Mitchell

97. "A Veggie Doll Has a Dream"
Hoodie Crescent

98. "Dancing Elephants"
Pat Holly

99. "A Farmer's Dearest Ally"
Susan Radkiewicz

100. "Whisper to the Wind"
Cheri Rabourn

101. "Backwards Beach Umbrella"
Lynda Goldstein DeTray

102. "Forever Aligned"
Desiree Dianne Habicht

103. "Forever Grandma"
Shelly Garcia

104. "Momma's Rose"
Mary Brown Crowther

105. "Full Circle"
Dana Stencel

106. "R2D2: Droid of the Rebel Alliance/ May the Four-Patch Be With You."
Eric Sciotto, Melanie Vaughan

107. "Sunflowers on the Plains"
Amy Munson

108. "Unsolved Chicken Mysteries"
Jayne Davis

109. "Shining Star"
Sue Rivers

110. "Pearls of Wisdom"
Gerrie Congdon

111. "Charming Colors"
Julie Ann Boster

112. "The Tree of Hope"
Tonya Therrian

113. "City Park"
Diane Nunez

114. "The Spirit of Tahrir"
Ann Reber Holmes

115. "Mind the Gap!"
Annedore Neumann

116. "States United 1776"
Christina Cocchiara, Michael Cole, Tom Flynn, Russell Gibson, Caitlin Johnson, Shahnaz Khan, Frank Klemens, Michael Michalski, Aughra Moon, Kimberly Russell, Jennifer Rice, Eric Sciotto, Sharon Scruggs, Steven Skybell, Melanie Vaughan

117. "Virginia is for Lovers"
Sandra Starley

118. "Majolica"
Peggy Schroder

119. "Sweet Home Dahlias"
Peggy Schroder